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Elevate your security standards with Gatekeepers Security Services and experience unparalleled peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the real stories of impact and testimonials from private, commercial, and government properties like yours.

Elevate Your Security Standards with GateKeepers Security Services

From safeguarding commercial properties to protecting government facilities, our comprehensive security solutions have consistently delivered reliable results. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have entrusted their security needs to Gatekeepers and witness the difference firsthand. With our proven track record and dedication to innovation, we’re here to elevate your security to new heights.

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We’re Committed to Providing our Clients with Effective Security Solutions Tailored to their Unique Needs

This letter is to appreciate the great service that has been provided to our business and community by Oceanside’s GateKeepers Security. This service has made a tremendous impact on my Business as it allows my employees to safely service my customers. It has provided a clean and secure environment for my customers to shop. I want to express my sincere gratitude for this service, and for ensuring that all our buildings are safe and secure. I value that service so much! This program has truly been a blessing not only to workers but to our numerous customers. I’m so grateful for the dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, passion, and hard work provided by GateKeepers. I only hope to see this program grow and continue providing safety to our local businesses and communities. Thank you for creating a safe and conducive environment for my business to thrive. Thank you for providing the security our workers deserve so that they can carry out their duties safely and without disturbance.

I’m so thrilled about the wonderful experience and quality service our numerous customers are also getting from GateKeepers. They are always excited to visit our business over and over again. Thanks for setting our minds at ease while we’re busy attending to customers’ needs.

Once again, I really appreciate the uncommon passion that has been demonstrated towards maintaining a safe and pleasant atmosphere in our community. Thank you for keeping us secure each and every day. We’ll never forget the big difference you’ve made in our community.

Harman Bhandal, Business Owner

Our high profile 60,000 sq ft industrial warehouse was under constant harassment from intruders. Police would not do much so I turned to private security to protect our assets. GateKeepers came highly recommended and after doing a walkthrough, I felt confident in their approach and gave GateKeepers an opportunity to prove that they could make a difference. They really delivered on their promise and despite having numerous break-in attempts, activity definitely slowed down. In the past 12 months, there have been zero attempts due to criminals sensing a strong security presence on our property.
I hired multiple companies before GateKeepers and can say with confidence they are truly a difference maker.

SVA Holdings

I appreciate what Gatekeepers did to protect my business! Our diesel mechanic shop was a constant target for catalytic converter theft. Police would not due much and our company was taking large losses. Not to mention our walls were getting tagged and situation was spiraling out of control. Some of our employees resigned due to feeling unsafe. I had to do something to stop this or my business would go under. I contacted multiple security companies, and all things considered felt most comfortable with Gatekeepers. They had that small family owned business vibe that made me feel that my property will get the attention it needs. Two competitors were large security companies and did not seem aggressive enough in their approach to deal with our type of situation. Gatekeepers is not cheap, but as they say, you get what you pay for! In the first few weeks they did report to me many break in attempts and they detained 2 individuals. I could finally sleep at night knowing that our vehicles were safe. I’ve had Gatekeepers protect my property for 2 years now and had very little activity. Nothing has been stolen and no tagging. My employees feel safe now and business is back to normal :). I am grateful to Grant and his team and we have formed a great long lasting relationship with Gatekeepers Security Services.

Modern Fleet CollisionAbbot Hasbas - Owner/General Manager, Modern Fleet Collision


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